Canning Vegetables 101- What You Need To Know

One thing we all learned from COVID-19 was the simple fact that there can be food instability for the average family. Panic shopping cleared grocery store shelves and it took months for the food supply system to catch up with everything. Canning vegetables on our own looked more and more attractive! Gardening took off – and so did canning, to […]

7 Fantastic Hacks for Gardening Using Plastic Bottles

Why hacks for Gardening Using Plastic Bottles? When it comes to your home gardening, one major factor comes into play – DIY! There is no limit on the amounts of resources you can add to your garden to create the results you need, and one such is the use of plastic bottles. They are a great way to reduce the […]

7 Ways for Using Pallets in the Garden

One of the things I love the most about gardening is that there are so many twists on the one idea! Regular garden beds, raised garden beds, container gardens, tower gardens, square foot gardens, vegetable gardens, herb gardens, flower gardens, and now? we are going to talk about Using Pallets in the Garden. Many people are strapped for space when […]

A Beginner’s Best Guide to Tower Gardening

Tower gardening is the latest trend that allows people to grow their food at home. If you’ve wanted to grow your own fresh produce, but you don’t have a large yard, this a tower garden might be the answer you’ve been looking for.   A Beginner’s Guide to Tower Gardening What Is a Tower Garden? A tower garden is a type […]

Essential Equipment for the Greenhouse Gardener

Choosing essential equipment to fit out a heated greenhouse such as benching and ventilators as well as desirable accessories is an exciting if somewhat expensive task. It can make or break a greenhouse gardener. For the gardener who wants to make maximum use of his or her greenhouse, choosing a heating system is just the start of an exciting journey […]

10 Great Items For Your Little Gardener

One of the great things you can do for teaching your kiddo a healthier lifestyle is gardening. With all the GMO produce, homegrown – organic items make a huge difference for your diet. Have fun with this AND make it a learning experience while you spend time with your little gardener. The Ultimate Step-by-Step Kids’ First Gardening Book This exciting […]

10 Great Raised Garden Beds

Raised garden beds are a great way to try square foot gardening, or even make the task easier for those of us who might be a little older and hate bending down so much. Regardless, here are 10 great ones to look at if you don’t want to build your own. 6 Panel Tiered Resin Raised Garden Kit Great for […]

Making Yard Work Easier – with checklist!

It’s that time of year: spring! It seems a little slow coming thanks to mother nature, but the cooler temps make it a lot more comfortable to work outside and get the yard ready for summer. We partnered with EZ Lawn & Garden to find out if it could claim that it was Making Yard Work Easier, and it did! […]

Dianne Venetta Wild Tales and Garden Thrills Books

The food pyramid is one of the first introductions to the importance of food, but often that 2D triangle doesn’t get too many kids excited. It’s essential now more than ever to get kids at an early age involved in what they’re eating. Toddlers and younger children benefit from helping prepare meals and talking about the different food groups. But, […]

Garden Hose Ideas That All Should Know

It’s nearing the end of summer and, before you put that hose away for the fall, check out our Garden Hose Ideas that can make your life easier! A garden hose is great for more than transporting water from a faucet to someplace else. As the season ends, if your hose will need to be replaced boefore the next growing […]