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Garden Hose Ideas That All Should Know

Garden Hose Ideas That All Should Know

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It’s nearing the end of summer and, before you put that hose away for the fall, check out our Garden Hose Ideas that can make your life easier!

Garden Hose Ideas

A garden hose is great for more than transporting water from a faucet to someplace else. As the season ends, if your hose will need to be replaced boefore the next growing season then check out this list of what to possibly use if for before you pitch it. Here are a few handy hacks and upcycling ideas to consider. Who knew?

Garden Hose Ideas That All Should Know

Cord Keeper

Looking for a way to keep the cords behind your entertainment center from getting tangled? First, cut off a section of garden hose about a foot in length. Next, split that hose section along one side to unfold it.

The last step is to simply run the cords through the hose. This hack is great for keeping puppies or kittens from chewing on stray cords.

Grocery Bag Tote

Getting tired of plastic grocery bags cutting into your fingers when you carry them? Cut open a six inch section of hose along one side and carry it with you to the store. On your way out of the store, tuck the handles of the grocery bags into the section of hose to form a handle that’s much easier to carry.

Outdoor Chair

If you have an old metal chair frame, you can use garden hose to make a durable outdoor chair. Carefully weave the hose back and forth across the frame to form a back and seat that’s sturdy and waterproof.

If you don’t have a chair frame laying around, you can make one using wood or PVC pipes. Search for a YouTube video tutorial on the subject.

Make-Shift Mud Porch Rug

Need a sturdy rug for the patio or mud porch? Fold a hose, then wrap the excess around itself to make an oval-shaped coil. Wrap zip-ties around sections of the hose at intervals to hold the whole thing together.

Saw Blade Protection Cover

A garden hose can also be used to cover an exposed saw blade. Cut off a length of hose the same length as the blade, cut it along one side and slip it onto the blade. This will protect the blade as well as keep you from accidentally cutting yourself with it. Pretty nifty!

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