5 Important Bonsai Tools for Bonsai Growers

5 Important Bonsai Tools for Bonsai Growers

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Those interested in growing bonsai plants need proper tools for trimming and pruning the bonsai plants to give them that unique look. Purchasing a lot of tools for bonsai trimming is not necessary for those that are just beginning. It may be a project that you may quickly decide is not right for you. Once you learn the skill of pruning and training the bonsai plant to grow just the way you want it to, the growing part is easy. Having the proper tools will help you to grow a beautiful bonsai collection.

5 Important Bonsai Tools for Bonsai Growers

One thing we learned on our travels was the basic Bonai grooming! There was a Bonsai show at an indoor garden in Fort Wayne during our visit and we had a chance to not only see many different Bonsai, but talk to their gardeners!

Bonsai Pruning for Maintenance
  1. Remove all the weeds and dead wood or leaves. Look for weeds growing in the bonsai pot as well as dead twigs or leaves on the tree itself.
  2. Trim crossed and broken branches.
  3. Cut back twigs so they only have 3-4 nodes.
  4. Don’t let any branch grow staight up.

Considering all of these things, it is important to have the right tools for the job!

5 Important Bonsai Tools for Bonsai Growers

  1. Concave Pruner
    A Concave Pruner is a must have tool for those who grow bonsai. It is used to cut the bonsai branches properly and in such a way that they wound care heal rather quickly and evenly. Most gardeners we chatted with had this one here
  2. Bud Scissors
    These are used to trim buds, branches, and leaves of the bonsai tree. The blades of this cutting tool are stout, and can cut into the plant without causing damage. It is quite safe for even the delicate work.
  3. Wire Cutters
    Bonsai wire cutters are unlike regular wire cutters. Their small, short blades enable plant owners to clip the wire while styling the plant without causing any damage.
  4. Melon Ball Cutter
    This tool is also known as the Knob Cutter. If your bonsai has protruding stubs, the excess wood can be removed easily with this tool. It is not used as much as the bud scissors or the concave pruners.
  5. Root Hooks
    This tool is used to untangle roots and remove soil that is necessary for proper maintenance of the bonsai. These can be either a single point hook or have multiple hooks. For bonsai plants with very thin, weak roots, it is important that a single root hook tool is used.

For those that are novices in the art of growing bonsai plants, it is better that you start off with bud scissors and a concave pruner. Once you become more proficient with growing bonsai plants, you can add some of the bonsai tools that are for more experienced hobbyists.

If you want to just jump in and get started, THIS is a nice kit with the tools were talked about and they come in a nice zippered case!

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