Gardening Tips for Cucamelons That Really Work

Have you ever heard of cucamelon? While these delicious fruits aren’t very widely known, they’re gaining popularity as a part of home gardens. Why? Among other things, they’re resilient and easy to grow. Looking for something fun and new to add to your garden? Here are a few things you should know about cucamelons. Cucamelons are a fun and interesting […]

Try These Easy to Grow Nuts at Home

While many people are focused only on growing their own fruits, veggies, and herbs, don’t forget about nuts! There are many of them that you can grow right in your home, as long as you have the right climate and soil. Here are some easy to grow nuts to try growing at home. Why would you want to grow nuts? […]

The Best Fruits That Grow Well in Pots

If you are looking to have more fresh, organic fruit at home, growing it yourself is the perfect way to accomplish that. You don’t need a big vineyard just to grow fruit in your own backyard. There are some fruits that grow in pots, both outside and inside your home. I know I have talked about container gardens before, and […]

The Best Plants That Regrow Themselves

If you intend to grow your own vegetables in your backyard or on your patio, you can always start from seeds or use plants that have already been started by the local nursery. Looking at plants that regrow themselves is a fun idea! Another option is to use food scraps that can actually grow another plant all on its own. […]

Important Health Benefits of Growing Fresh Produce

Important Health Benefits of Growing Fresh Produce? There are many reasons people choose to grow their own fruits and vegetables at home, from saving money to having access to produce without chemicals. For a lot of the new gardeners out there, it is simply a matter of food security. After COVID-19 hit and people rushed to the stores to stock […]

Gardening Tips for Tomatillos That Actually Work!

People often ask ” Is a tomatillo a tomato or a pepper?” as they don’t really undestand it. Some people actually think tomatillos might be baby tomatoes. While it is part of the nightshade family, it is basically the Mexican ground cherry. Most nightshade vegetables are part of the Capscium and Solanum plant families and examples include the tomato, tomatillo, […]

Gardening Tips for Watermelon that Actually Work!

Gardening Tips for Watermelon? Having fresh garden-grown melons in the Summer is a sure way to splash a cool wave on hot days. I can remember being in a group of kids in the old neighborhood, lined up, and having a seed-spitting contest. There were no prized involved, but it was to see who was the reigning champion of the […]

Gardening Tips for Cantaloupe That Actually Work!

Cantaloupe, also called sugar melon or muskmelon, are climbing vines that do well in hot, wet weather. They do not have to be staked, as they will move along the ground, but for best results, fruit should not touch the soil, as it encourages sogginess and rot, just like with tomatoes. The cantaloupe is a juicy, orange summer fruit that’s […]

Is Canning Tomatoes Worthwhile?

It is an essential ingredient that cannot be overlooked when one is making any delicious food. Tomatoes are such an ingredient that is essential for the flavor and stew of the food. There are so many delicious concoctions of the curries and the gravies that would be virtually meaningless without the tangy and tickling flavor of the red and luscious […]

Growing Tomatoes in Pots Successfully

Growing Tomatoes in Pots? Tomatoes are the number one vegetable that almost everyone starts with when thinking of growing an outdoor garden for the first time. One thing that you might not have thought about is that you, too, can produce these beautiful plants in a container. Growing Tomatoes in Pots Growing Container Tomatoes, For the most part, this plant […]