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7 Fantastic Hacks for Gardening Using Plastic Bottles

7 Fantastic Hacks for Gardening Using Plastic Bottles

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Why hacks for Gardening Using Plastic Bottles? When it comes to your home gardening, one major factor comes into play – DIY! There is no limit on the amounts of resources you can add to your garden to create the results you need, and one such is the use of plastic bottles.

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They are a great way to reduce the level of garbage that piles up as you have the opportunity to reuse the bottles and recycle while you are at it. In a world where the environment is in a deplorable condition due to people being reckless with how they dispose of their garbage, the need for positive change will always be welcomed.

Re-using plastic bottles is an excellent eco-friendly strategy that works well on the environment and your garden in “one go.” There are many benefits in going the eco-friendly way, and you can get the advantage of improved sustainability, plus it allows you to save a lot in your financial budget. After all, why have a garden if it is too expensive to really be feasible? We love being thrifty in our garden!

There is no rule to the game that says you can’t use different resources to create alternative planting methods, whether it be your veggies, herbs, or flowers. Many people do not have the space to do a backyard garden, and using plastic bottles can help them achieve so much. But how can this be done?

7 Gardening Hacks Using Plastic Bottles

Knowing the Safest Plastic to Use

There are different types of plastic circulating, and choosing the right one for your garden will help you safely achieve the results you are looking for. Whenever you purchase water or soda, you may need to look under the bottle to help you identify which is the safest to use for your garden. The labeling comes in a different format that includes a number and letter codes. For instance, soda bottles are generally marked with 1 PET, which means it is made of Polyethylene Terephthalate and is also used on many food containers. One downside to this plastic is that it tends to draw the scent of whatever it is carrying, and this may not always be good for the plants.

So, whenever you are searching for plastic to use in your garden, it is best to go for those marked HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene), LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene), or PP (Polypropylene). There is also a common trend that matches all these plastics – they are safely used as food storage containers. Therefore, if you do not understand the number or letter codes, you can easily associate it with whether it can be used for food or not.

Flexibility With Plastic Bottles

There is certainly no limit to the amounts of things you can use a plastic bottle for in your garden, and that is a great sign for those trying to get flexible and be resourceful. If you have heard of the creativity in using plastic bottles but don’t know where to start…here’s a little push…

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Gardening Using Plastic Bottles: Make a Sprinkler

All gardens need watering, and it is not always that cheap to get the industrial sprinklers attached to the house – which is sometimes already expensive. Having a few plastic bottles will give you the same high-quality results. Interestingly, two types of sprinklers can be made with plastic bottles:

Punching holes in the cap

You can punch small holes in the cap, and after filling the bottle with water, your sprinkler is ready for use. You can use it to water your seedlings or your potted plants.

Punching holes in the side of the bottle

You can use this for your lawn or a much bigger backyard garden. Drill holes in one side of the bottle and attach a hose through the mouth of the bottle. Once the water’s pressure has filled the bottle, it will allow it to squirt with force and have the water going up to a few feet away.

How to make a DIY water sprinkler system from a plastic soda bottle.

Make a Watering Can

In addition to a sprinkler, you can use a bottle to make a watering can for your flower or herb garden. After removing the bottle labels, you simply take the cap and punch out a few holes.

Securing the cap on the bottle after you fill it with water, you are ready to enable the water to be distributed in your garden evenly. You can refill the bottle and repeat the process as often as you wish.

How to make watering can from plastic bottles – easy and relatively low tech!

Use as a Pot/Planter

People use so many things as planters for their green, and plastic bottles are no exception. Interestingly, you can use the bottles in so many different ways related to being a pot – you can cut in half and use both pieces, or you can cut slots in the bottle sides and use them horizontally.

These are perfect, especially for people with limited outdoor space but need to produce their own veggies. You can add the bottles anywhere you desire – even on the back patio!

Three Ways to Re-use plastic bottles as Self-Watering Planters

Use to Store Your Seeds

You probably have some seeds that you have dried and want to safeguard against those small critters who enjoy snacking on your seeds. You can easily store them in a bottle and conceal them with the cap. However, it may be easier to store larger seeds such as pumpkins, peppers, or cucumbers, which might be easier to handle from those containers.

Use As a Seedling Guard

Some pesky little critters find pleasure in destroying your seedling crops, either by nibbling on the young seeds or chopping the young leaves. Those tasty young greens just seem to call to them! You can prevent all of that by using plastic bottles as a form of guard.

After washing the bottle and removing the label, go ahead and cut off both the top and bottom of the bottle and secure one end with a soft mesh. You can use a rubber band to hold it in place.

You will then place the bottle over the seedling with the mesh on top – gently push the reverse end slightly in the dirt so no insects can crawl under. The mesh will allow you to easily water and ensure the plant gets adequate air. After a week, you can remove the guard as the insects will be less intrigued to destroy the plant.

Make a Mini Greenhouse

We all know how effective a greenhouse can be in gardening, and no rule says you cannot alternate and make your own. Simply get a plastic bottle and cut off the top with the cap on (ensure you cut it closer to the bottom to give the plant more space and gently put it over your plant. It will ensure both heat and moisture are captured to help the plant produce as you desire.

A little different than what i described, but This video shows you how to make your very own DIY Greenhouse out of recycled water bottles!

Make Slug Traps

Gardening Using Plastic Bottles is the best for pest control traps! Slugs know how to make their way into your garden, and you have to ensure you get them out to safeguard your plants. Plastic bottles can help you make a trap that will work 100%.

Get a bottle and cut off the top section. Invert it, and put it inside the bigger bottle base. Tape it into place. You will then add some beer to the trap’s base – slugs can’t resist the smell and taste of beer, interestingly!

If you have an area that has slugs, try this quick Slug Trap… It works if you use good beer!

The uses for plastic bottles in your gardening are endless, and you can get the most out of your plants by being creative. Take, for instance, have you ever gone around and seen people putting plastic bottles on sticks in their garden? Well, that’s a whole new level of awesomeness as not only does it protect you and others around you from getting injured, but whenever the breeze blows the bottles and they rattle, it serves as a great scare for the birds to keep; away! Space is definitely not an issue as you can add the bottle anywhere…even if you want to add a piece of cord and hang it from the wall or ceiling.   

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