How to Grow a Bucket Garden

How to Grow a Bucket Garden

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If you love flowers but don’t have any place to grow them outside, you can plant a bucket garden. This flower garden can adorn your porch and can be moved if necessary.

How to Grow a Bucket Garden

The bucket may be made of either plastic or metal. Even an old battered watering can, or oil can like the one pictured will work. A large discarded cooking pot or mop bucket can be used.

The other supplies you will need for this space-saving garden are

  • flower seeds
  • potting soil
  • a few pieces of old broken pottery or rocks
  • water
  • sunshine

The first step is to punch 5 to 10 holes in the bottom of the bucket. You may need to ask a parent or teacher to help with the hole punching for safety’s sake. This will provide a way for the soil to drain if it gets too much water.

Soil for the Container

Add a layer of about 4 inches of old broken pieces of pottery or gravel or other small stones. This will further allow the soil to drain in case there is too much water.

Fill the bucket almost full (within 2 inches) of the lip of the bucket. You can dig dirt from your yard or a ditch for the bucket garden, but if you haven’t got any digging place available, use packaged potting soil. The potting soil can be purchased at any Home Depot or Lowe’s or WalMart store that has a gardening section. For a one-gallon bucket, you will need about 5 pounds of potting soil. Some gardening shops also sell rocks if you have none readily available.

Flowers from Seeds

While you are there, pick out an assortment of at least three packets of flower seeds. Choose ones that are colorful and go together and ones that have the same light needs.

Yellow and red flowers go well together with blue, purple, or orange like marigolds. Zinnias come in assorted sizes and colors per package, so they are a good choice. They will attract butterflies and bloom for a long time. Two or three in a small vase make a sweet bouquet for the windowsill. Bachelor’s buttons and daisies are bright and fun. Try snapdragons, Sweet Williams, or Forget-me-nots.

Planting the Flowers in a Bucket

Read the directions for each seed packet carefully and follow those directions so that your seeds are sure to sprout. Water the dirt and keep it damp for several days.

Your Container Garden

Place your bucket in a beautiful sunny place on the porch or deck or a lower step. Soon it will sprout and be a bucket of green. In the summer it should produce plenty of blossoms for you to enjoy. Planting a bucket garden is a simple way to have your little flower bed, and if you have to move, maybe it can go along with you.

Remember these simple steps. Choose a bucket and punch holes for drainage. Add stones for aeration and to further drain the soil, potting soil, and seeds will finish the garden.

Set it outdoors where it will get plenty of rain, sunshine, and warmth. You can watch it grow all summer.