5 Reasons To Grow Your Own Produce

5 Reasons To Grow Your Own Produce

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Growing your own fruits and vegetables can be beneficial to your family in countless ways, here I am going to address just a couple of those benefits…

reasons to grow your own produce

5 Reasons To Grow Your Own Produce

It’s healthy!

We all know that adding more fruits and vegetables to our diets is crucial for maintaining health. Fruits and vegetables are both packed full of vitamins and  nutrients. Vegetables especially are great because many are high in fiber and can leave you feeling fuller longer, causing less snacking and leading to less runs through the drive through for fast food.

It’s cheaper!

If you have space for a garden, I say get to planting!  Growing your own produce can be a great way to save money! You can buy an entire pack of seeds for less than $1.00.  That $1 investment can lead to a season’s worth of that particular plant.  Zucchini is one such plant. I’ve never had a zucchini plant not produce extensively throughout the gardening season.

There is the added expense of fertilizer and water, but depending on the size of your garden, those costs can be relatively minimal. (You can buy a bag of chicken manure fertilizer at walmart for about $4).

It Tastes Better!

Growing your own produce produces vegetables and fruits that are much higher quality.  I have never heard anyone claim that store bought produce tastes better than fresh grown.

You know what you are getting!

When you buy produce at your local supermarket, the fact is that you have no idea where it has come from. Okay, so technically you can look at at the little sticker that tells you the country of origin,  but the reality is that you have no idea how the produce was grown or what kind of chemicals or pesticides were used in the growing process.  Plus, if you have any qualms about the labor used in picking your fruits and vegetables,  there is simply no way of knowing this either, which is bothersome to many.

It’s fun!

Planting a garden and growing your own produce may seem like hard work, but it really is a lot of fun and a great family activity.  The entire process from digging in the dirt to planting to watching your crop grow is exciting to kids! For them to plant a seed, nurture and water it and then watch it sprout is a wonderful learning experience. Plus, there comes comes a sense of pride.

So, in short, growing your own produce is a fun, easy way to eat healthy, local food that will save you money!

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