The Best Fruits That Grow Well in Pots

The Best Fruits That Grow Well in Pots

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If you are looking to have more fresh, organic fruit at home, growing it yourself is the perfect way to accomplish that. You don’t need a big vineyard just to grow fruit in your own backyard. There are some fruits that grow in pots, both outside and inside your home.

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I know I have talked about container gardens before, and also growing things in pots. Most people think only of vegetables for that concept, or herbs. Fruits actually work well too!

Fruits That Grow Well in Pots For Beginners

The beauty of knowing Fruits That Grow Well in Pots is the simple fact that you can easily tweek things to meet the specific needs of that plant. Blueberries, for instance, love acidic soil. It is simple to accommodate them when they are in their own pot.


One of the fruits that will grow well in pots is lemons. This is great news since when you make things like lemonade or want lemons for your fruit-infused water, you typically want a large amount of them. While they aren’t super expensive at the grocery store, it does add up, especially when you want to organic varieties.

You can grow your own lemons right at home in a container without needing to plant large lemon trees that are difficult to take care of. Just make sure your container is in the right environment for growth.

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You can also grow your own peaches at home by using pots, but they should be outside with nearly full sun to grow properly. You want to use large pots for your peach trees, with a potting mix made of soil.


Closely related to peaches, they are able to be done about the same way. Choose a sunny spot that does have good shelter to keep out bugs and pests that might want to eat the juicy fruit. You will feed your peach trees in the spring and may need plastic sheeting when you first plant them for extra protection.


Who doesn’t love strawberries? These not only grow in pots, but are often one of the easiest fruits you can grow at home. You don’t need a lot of space, so pots of just about any size will be good for growing strawberries.

You can grow them on your patio in pots, or even inside your home if you have enough natural sunlight. These are popular among people in apartments or townhouses who don’t have backyards but can grow them out on their balconies or patio.


Yes, another super food is within your patio reach! Give them a sheltered sunny spot, use water from your rain barrel instead of tap water, and make sure their soil is as acidic as the love it. You will be munching on these sooner than you can imagine.

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Other Berries

I could go on and on with Gooseberries, Currants, Blackberries, Raspberries, etc – but you get the idea. Berries grow well in pots.


You can also have fresh apples at home by using large pots. You need large pots and dwarf apple trees in order to grow them in this manner. However, even with dwarf trees, you will still get full-sized fruit.


This is also the same for pears, which grow in the same seasons. You will typically have both apples and pears between the summer and fall seasons if you start growing them in pots in the early spring. Make sure frost is gone before you start them.

Fruits That Grow Well in Pots Outside

It is very possible to do – and before you know it you will be whipping up smoothies or a nice fruit salad. Just stick with our list of The Best Fruits That Grow Well in Pots and you will be a huge success!

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