Budget friendly Tips for Dressing Up Backyard for Summer

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If you are wanting to dress up your backyard this summer and find yourself on a budget, I have some tips! I have compiled a list of budget friendly tips for dressing up your backyard for summer! With warmer weather, a lot of families spend a lot more time outdoors and entertaining! Make your backyard a little oasis, where you can relax, enjoy the warm weather and create lasting memories!

Making your backyard more inviting doesn’t have to break the bank. You can decide from the list below what items you want to start doing in your backyard. Than when money is available you might do another item on the list. Before you know it your backyard will look like it has a whole new makeover!

Backyard Makeover on A Budget


Adding some color to your backyard can really change it up a lot. You can place items in a flower pot or put in the ground, either way it really adds character. To save money, consider buying annuals, you can buy them for a few dollars, and as they grow they can spread and look fuller, and really add the pop of color to brighten up your space. Hanging baskets are another great option!


If you have any landscaping with plants or flowers, adding mulch really dresses it up. Or if you have a tree or know of a tree that has pine cones collect them and lay in the flower bed. Make sure you have enough to really fill it up. It will mimic mulch and keep pets from getting into the flower beds.

Mini Herb Garden

Save your old aluminum cans and re-purpose them! Add a little paint to them in a chevron style, and a handle and hang them on your exterior Plant herbs in them, and it will look really fun and you will have fresh herbs to use this summer.

Table and Chairs

Buying an outdoor table and chairs makes it look very inviting. Consider looking around on buy, sale, trade groups for your local area, or hitting up yard sales. If you don’t want to buy new, you can find them for sale used for pretty cheap! Than just add new cushions or a pillow to dress it up!

Outdoor Rug

If you have an area where you have a table, place an outdoor rug under it. It will really brighten up your space, and make it look nice! Find a rug that matches your home and your style preference.

Fire Pit

A fire pit is great for those cool summer nights. You can sit by the fire, share stories and talk with family and friends, roast marshmallows and just enjoy the outdoors. If you can find an affordable fire pit go for it, or if you are crafty do a DIY using landscaping rocks. You can find so many tutorials for making your own on Pinterest for cheap!

Bright Beverage Cart

Add a pop of color with a beverage cart! You don’t have to put beverages on it, but you could even use it to display some flowers! Than if you have a cookout, place some drinks in a big container with ice. That pop of color will help be warm and inviting to your guests.


Consider buying solar powered lanterns and hang them on hooks you would use to hang baskets on. This is great to do for a fence, hang a row of lights! Or just put some in the ground, to light up a path.

As you can see, you can dress your yard up very easily. Again if you don’t have a budget to do it all at once, that is okay! Do a little at a time and before you know it you will have a backyard that you are thankful for! What affordable tips or tricks would you recommend?