How To Get Kids Involved In Gardening

How To Get Kids Involved In Gardening

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If you have decided to feed your family by building your own garden, here are some great tips for How To Get Kids Involved In Gardening. This is not only a great way for your kids to help out around the house, but it is an excellent tool for teaching them. Gardening teaches all about plant life, but also helps you teach about things like budgeting, recycling, nutrition and responsibility. It’s a great way to get them invested in a healthier lifestyle!

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How To Get Kids Involved In Gardening

Garden Ideas For Kids

Let them plant the seedlings

There is nothing more fun than watching something you did change in front of you. Get out the seedling cups, soil, seeds and water and let your kids have fun planting them all by themselves. Make sure to mark the cups so you know what plant is what, and remind them to water regularly as they watch the seeds take off and become plants they can then transfer to the ground or larger containers.

Let this be a chance to get dirty

All kinds like to get dirty, why not let them do it while they help in the garden. You can even encourage the occasional mud pie or mud puddle jumping as they help you weed the garden, pick produce as it is ripe for harvesting or simply help with the initial planting.

Let them plant what they want to eat

Instead of making the garden all about what you want to cook and eat, make sure to give them plenty of options that they want. Let them look with you at seeds and pick out what they want to grow. Some kids will pick their own favorite vegetables while others will pick something unique that looks fun to grow.

Cool Garden Ideas For Kids

Let them sell excess produce at local Farmers Markets

If you have a bumper crop, let your kids load up the extra and take down to the local Farmers Market to sell. Not only will it help them to be excited about the garden, it will teach them about money, responsibility and capitalism at its best.

Get them in the kitchen

This is the perfect time to encourage them to cook things by themselves. Let them browse recipes for the perfect item to make with your fresh garden vegetables. Kids love helping in the kitchen, and can feel proud of their work when they see other family members eating and enjoying it.

It’s simple to get kids involved in gardening for your family. Most children will love the chance to get dirty, play in the water and most of all see something they did grow in front of them and be edible!

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