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Easy to Grow Heirloom Plants

Easy to Grow Heirloom Plants

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Why grow heirloom plants? There are so many reasons that it would be hard to list them all. My personal thoughts? With the rise of GMO plants and seeds, people are having more issues than ever with their food. Most GMO seeds won’t even yield fruit or vegetable that let you harvest the seeds to plant at a later time. There is no future in that, and you have a perpetual seed expense for your gardening. Add in all the “hybrid” varieties, and it is harder than ever to find the real food of our forefathers. Heirloom seeds are a great way to explore types of vegetables you’ve never eaten before. Not only will you be able to try new flavors, but you’ll also be able to watch the plant go through every stage of life from seed to harvest.

Are you considering the possibility of starting an heirloom garden? These are plants that are both fun and easy to grow.


Beans are a hardy vegetable that come in several different varieties. They are very tolerant of heat and cold, which makes them a great crop for just about anywhere in the continental U.S.
Not only are beans a wholesome addition to many well-balanced meals, but they also taste good raw and make an excellent snack both around the house and out in the garden.


Whether it’s sweet peppers, bell peppers, or fiery jalapenos, peppers are easy to grow and bring a lot of flavor to a dish. Peppers are generally low-maintenance plants that are particularly resistant to bugs and pests. However, they can be a bit sensitive to the heat, so be sure to give them plenty of water if you live in a warm, dry environment.


Both the roots and the greens of beets are edible, which makes them very versatile in the kitchen. They also come in many different varieties when it comes to colors and flavors. Beets are easy to grow and resistant to cold and frost. This makes them an exceptionally safe choice for gardeners in the northern U.S.


Heirloom tomatoes are a very popular crop, with all sorts of different varieties available. They’re are relatively simple to grow as long as they don’t fall victim to pests such as the dreaded Tomato Hornworm.


The deep purple colors and patterns in heirloom lettuce make it a vibrant addition to a salad. Lettuce is also an extremely easy plant to grow. You can even start growing it indoors and sow it into your garden once it’s gotten a good start.

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