7 Tips for Gardening With a Bad Back

Anyone who has been gardening with a bad back knows how difficult gardening can be. It can feel like your entire body is going to break, but gardening is an important part of staying healthy and maintaining the beauty of your home. So what are some tips for gardening with a bad back? Read on below to find out! Gardening […]

Gardening Tips for Corn That Actually Work!

Corn is a cereal grain that has been consumed all over the world for many centuries now. It is rich in fiber and minerals, but it can also increase blood glucose levels if not eaten in moderation. In the culinary world, corn is regarded as a vegetable and is usually yellow. Some varieties of corn are available in different colors […]

Container Gardening in a Small Space

Let’s talk about how to utilize small urban spaces, such as balconies, roofs, and patios, to grow vegetables for self-sufficiency. It is all about Container Gardening in a Small Space! Many of us dream of a smallholding or homestead where we can live a self-sufficient life. But sadly, dreams and reality don’t coincide. I am lucky, as I have a […]