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5 FREE Apps For Gardening Success

5 FREE Apps For Gardening Success

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In today’s world, everything seems to be consumed with electronics and you can pretty much access just about anything at the touch of a button using your smart phone or device, and I mean ANYTHING. Well having so much information in the palm of your hands can actually be very useful when it comes to simple activities in your house such as cooking, cleaning, or even gardening. If you’re looking to get your hands in the garden and start planting away, I am going to be sharing with you 5 totally free apps for gardening that will help you out with that.

5 FREE Apps For Gardening

5 FREE Apps to Help With Your Gardening

Garden Time Planner:

This app is great if you are a beginner, or if you want to start planting something that you have never planted before. Garden Time Planner contains a huge library of several plants, vegetables, flowers, etc. that you can plant and it tells you just how to plant them and how long they should be planted.

Garden Answers Plant Identification:

This app is extremely beneficial to those that are not completely familiar with gardening just yet. You can take a picture of practically any plant or bug/pest that may be in your garden and this app will tell you what it is and guide you on how to take care of it. Whether that be how to care for a plant, or how to get rid of pests, this app is here to help.

Life – Smart Gardening Journal/Diary:

This one is a great way to watch over and care for your plants. With this app you are able to record the growth and progress of each of your plants in your garden. You can keep everything organized and easily accessible, which makes gardening that much easier.

Gardening Ideas:

This app is great if you are one that wants to create a huge garden area in your backyard or something along these lines. This app will provide you with beautiful ideas for structures to build around your garden and how to plant things to create a really beautiful garden are.

Gardening Care:

This app will provide you with everything you need to know about caring for and maintaining your garden. This will inform you not only how to care for their plants themselves, but also your lawn around the garden and the soil that your special plants are growing within.
Gardening can be a really great hobby and can provide your family with a plentiful supply of delicious, fresh fruits and veggies. I would highly recommend any of these apps to keep your garden looking great and keep you in the know of everything about your garden.

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