How to Get Rid of Snails in Organic Gardens

How to Get Rid of Snails in Organic Gardens

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The Preventative Methods for pest control are for those gardeners who like an organic snail and slug control to keep snails and slugs out of their precious gardens. It can be best to know How to Get Rid of Snails before they actually become a problem for you.

how to get rid of snails for your organic garden

Some like to keep an organic garden without snails, but prefer the little creatures to come to a less grisly end. Unlike the Death Methods, the Preventative Methods of pest control are a much more gentle approach to the age-old question of how to deter snails and slugs from your gardens. And if you follow the ‘Make Love, Not War’ slogan, these are the better methods for you.

How to Get Rid of Snails in Organic Gardens

Organic Blockades

If you have an abundance of sawdust, sharp sand, or eggshells, then this method can be quite effective. You need to sprinkle a thick layer of your abrasive substance around your garden beds. Eggshells will need to be ground up so they are still sharp enough to deter, but not so big that the snail can use them like stepping stones across. Some people claim the snails do not like abrasive substances because they are irritating to their mucilage, while others claim these organic blockades for snail and slug control work because they dehydrate the snail. Either way, it works!

Milk Bottles

You can use old plastic milk bottles as barriers for snail and slug control. Simply use a pair of scissors to cut off the top and bottom of the container. This creates a hollow, square tube that can be placed around each plant. The theory is that snails are lazy, and if they can not see what is inside, they won’t make an effort to find out. The sharp top is an extra deterrent if the snail does climb up for a look.

Electric Fences

Yes, you heard it right — electric fences for snails. Copper strips or wire is used. This creates a very slight electric current when it comes in contact with the mucus of the snail or slug. In effect, this creates an electric snail fence. The strips or wire is placed in a continual piece around your garden beds. It can be expensive to set up, but once in place, there is no recurrent cost.

Dark Places

Snails love to hide. Surrounding your garden bed with a barrier that has places to hide during the day lulls the pest into a false sense of security. Hollow pipes are an excellent choice. They eat your plant the first night then hide in the pipe. The next day you collect up all the snails sleeping in their hiding spots and dispose of them.

Curved Barriers

Most people prefer to use metal strips for this method. You place a metal strip around your garden bed but curl the top over. This works in three ways. Snails can not see over it, they use the lip at the top to hide in, and they will not slide over the sharp edge of the metal. Just be careful when checking under the curve with bare hands – not just snails like to hide away there. Also, be aware that sharp or jagged metal can cause you injury while gardening.

You are now armed with all this knowledge! It can be quite easy once you know how to Get Rid of Snails in a way that is safe for the environment as well as being safe for the snails and slugs.

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