How to Grow a Bucket Garden

If you love flowers but don’t have any place to grow them outside, you can plant a bucket garden. This flower garden can adorn your porch and can be moved if necessary. How to Grow a Bucket Garden The bucket may be made of either plastic or metal. Even an old battered watering can, or oil can like the one […]

A Gardeners Brief Guide To Plant Hardiness

Finding out more about what plant hardiness means and how to improve it in your garden is more important than you might think. In America, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has mapped out the average coldest temperature in each area and uses this to create what it calls “plant hardiness zones.” Each 10 F range of temperatures (e.g., 0 […]

How to Make Potting Soil For Indoor Plants

By using these five soil recipes, potting mediums can be easily mixed at home for both container gardens and houseplants. You will know How to Make Potting Soil For Indoor Plants and be ready for anything! Whether it’s used for outdoor containers or indoor houseplants, a soil mix that both drains well yet retains moisture is the primary goal of […]

Easy Garden Maintenance Tips

When spring hits, flower beds need cleaning, gardens need planning, and flowers need to be proofed for animals. It is the time for Garden Maintenance Tips! Summer is around the corner, flowers will be blossoming, and everything will turn green. Without a little bit of help, a garden may flounder this year as the frost and cold weather blanket the […]

5 FREE Apps For Gardening Success

In today’s world, everything seems to be consumed with electronics and you can pretty much access just about anything at the touch of a button using your smart phone or device, and I mean ANYTHING. Well having so much information in the palm of your hands can actually be very useful when it comes to simple activities in your house […]