10 Top Gardening Tips for Beginners To Start With

Gardening is a great way to get some fresh air, spend time outside, and grow your own food. Gardening tips for beginners can be tricky as there are so many different things you need to learn in order to do it well. This blog post will give you 10 top tips that will make gardening easier and more enjoyable for […]

The Best Spring Gardening Guide

A Spring Gardening Guide? Springs’ soft, gentle breezes have taken the snow away and have dried up your lawn. After a long winter, it is time to give your lawn, flower beds, and vegetable gardens a facelift. There is much to do, and the time is now to get your lawn on the move by waking it up to the […]

Top 10 Poisonous Plants for Dogs

Top 10 Poisonous Plants for Dogs? This article will educate you about ten common plants that cause harm to dogs when eaten. Did you know that Avocados and Aloe Vera are toxic to dogs? I didn’t! I knew all about things like onions, garlic, grapes, and raisins, but not things that we don’t really consider as food. Many are unaware […]

How to Dry Gourds Grown this Spring

Have you ever wondered how to dry gourds? Horticultural experts note that the harvest of a gourd for drying needs to be properly timed. The fruit must be fully mature. One can judge its maturity by the state of the stem: if the stem is shriveled and fading to brown, the fruit is ready for harvest. To assure that you […]

What is Meant by Lasagna Gardening?

If you are new to gardening, you may not be familiar with techniques like tilling the ground and digging for certain types of drainage. In this case, a good method to use is called lasagna gardening. If you are used to the concept of a salsa garden, where everything you grow is used to make salsa, this kind of style […]

Choosing the Right Type of Gardening for You

Choosing the Right Type of Gardening for You? There are many different types of gardening.  Some people will prefer the quiet tranquility of a flower garden.  Others will enjoy the satisfaction of growing their own food in a vegetable garden.   Still others will prefer growing their plants in containers for the purpose of saving space, being able to easily relocate […]

7 Fantastic Hacks for Gardening Using Plastic Bottles

Why hacks for Gardening Using Plastic Bottles? When it comes to your home gardening, one major factor comes into play – DIY! There is no limit on the amounts of resources you can add to your garden to create the results you need, and one such is the use of plastic bottles. They are a great way to reduce the […]

Gardening Zones: What to Plant When

Planting can be a great past-time activity as it helps you have your own fruits, veggies, and herbs in your garden. It saves you a lot when going out to buy, plus it helps to keep you and your mind relaxed. However, it turns out planting can have some technicalities attached to, especially when it comes on to planting in […]

An Introduction to Starting a Water Garden

A Water Garden? Water always seems to have a soothing, calming effect on people. It is beautiful, sparkling, and gentle. Water gardens can certainly add interest to an otherwise bland yard. They can include waterfalls, ponds, fountains, and aquatic plants. Generally, water gardens are ponds or containers of water that house plants and sometimes contain fish or other aquatic animals. […]

How to Garden in the Desert

Before we get deeper into this article, we are sure many of you are so puzzled at the title and wonder which world we might be living in. Well, to cure your curiosity from early on, we are going to tell you it is very possible with proper thoughts, planning, preparation, and execution. Come with us on this journey as […]