Beginners Guide To Growing Potatoes In Pots

All that digging and earthing up for a few slug ravaged spuds can put new gardeners off, but it needn’t if they follow the beginners guide to growing potatoes in pots. Growing potatoes in pots, barrels or bins take very little time and effort. The resulting crops may not produce such high yields as those grown in the open ground, […]

How to Garden For Food Storage

A summer garden can last all winter long, but gardening for food storage requires pre-planning. To make a summer garden last all winter long, plant a small variety of plants in large quantities. Planting small amounts of anything is not worth the preservation process, and will not be enough to last all winter long. Consider green beans, root crops, tomatoes, […]

Container Gardening in a Small Space

Let’s talk about how to utilize small urban spaces, such as balconies, roofs, and patios, to grow vegetables for self-sufficiency. It is all about Container Gardening in a Small Space! Many of us dream of a smallholding or homestead where we can live a self-sufficient life. But sadly, dreams and reality don’t coincide. I am lucky, as I have a […]

How to Get Rid of Snails in Organic Gardens

The Preventative Methods for pest control are for those gardeners who like an organic snail and slug control to keep snails and slugs out of their precious gardens. It can be best to know How to Get Rid of Snails before they actually become a problem for you. Some like to keep an organic garden without snails, but prefer the […]

How to Make Effective Garden Compost

A short guide on preparing and using nutritious compost in your garden, whether you’re planting ornamentals or edibles. If you know how to make compost fertilizer, you can rock out gardening! Whether you live in a lush growing environment or a dry, hot climate composting serves as an excellent way to provide nourishment to your plants. Garden compost comprises of […]

Gardening with Toddlers: Introducing Children to Gardening

Children can learn how to plant a garden even at the young age of two. Parents can do this easily by doing age-appropriate activities. Introducing children, as young as two years old, how to garden is an important life skill. Not only does gardening teach children how plants grow, but also how to become self-sufficient later in life. It is […]

Garden Activities for Children

Children are the beset gardeners! Their natural love of everything makes them not only great helpers, but they stuggle to assert their own independence. If you know the right garden activities for children, they can do all of that while learning too. It really is a win-win! Indoors or out, growing plants, designing gardens, making models, and sprouting seeds are […]

Benefits of Composting: A Gardener’s Black Gold

It is a fair question to ask: What are the benefits of composting? Gardeners around the world feed their garden with compost, which is a special potion called ‘Black Gold’ by those familiar with it. They give this concoction a name that is most commonly attributed to crude oil because to a gardener; it is just as precious. The material […]