How to Compost Kitchen Waste for Your Yard and Garden

Hesitant to start composting because you fear it will be a smelly, messy inconvenience? Read on. A compost bin can reduce your garbage bill and enrich your garden! The answer is all about the way to compost kitchen waste! The secret is to do it right, and it’s not complicated. Here are some tips that will help you become an […]

Great Garden Projects for Kids and Parents

Indoors or out, growing plants, designing gardens, making models, and sprouting seeds are educational and fun for kids. Edible gardening is tasty too. Check out our list of great Garden Projects for Kids. Encouraging kids to grow things is a fantastic activity that is good for their overall development. Gardening is good exercise, and activities such as choosing plants, counting […]

Herb Gardening Indoors – Our Tips

Growing an indoor herb garden is the perfect solution to the apartment dweller who enjoys cooking with fresh ingredients. To grow herbs from seed is cheap and economical, surprisingly quick and very often self-sustaining. A few simple steps are all that are required for creating a successful and rewarding herb garden. Check out our tips for Herb Gardening Indoors. Container […]

Grow Organic Garlic in the Garden

Reap the benefits of garlic by growing the bulbs in the organic garden. This easy vegetable will supply your table with fresh garlic for healthy cooking all year. Organic garlic is easier than you might think and certainly worth the minimal effort it takes! If you’re a lukewarm devotee to garlic, growing fresh garlic in your organic garden may change […]

Landscaping Around a Porch or Deck

Have you ever wondered how to beautify the front of your home without building an expensive porch? Try landscaping around a porch to make a porch garden! If you don’t have a porch, you can still make your home look beautiful and welcoming with a porch garden. What is a porch garden? It’s the area directly in front of your […]

Choosing Herbs For Your Herb Garden

Choosing Herbs that you want to grow can be tricky. Some commonly used herbs that grow easily are basil, bee balm, catnip, chamomile, chives, dill, lemon balm, peppermint, and spearmint. Before you begin growing your herbs, it is essential to consider what herbs you currently use. Many people use herbs in cooking, such as basil, oregano, sage, rosemary, etc. Another […]