A Beginner’s Guide to Raised Bed Gardening

Raised Bed Gardening is a way of growing plants inside beds raised above the garden’s average level in the garden. They’re typically housed inside a wooden frame, generally rectangular. The soil may be mixed in with tilled soil underneath, or it can simply be new soil placed on top of the untilled ground. An Introduction to Raised Bed Gardening There […]

Tips and Best Plants for Square Foot Gardening

Mel Bartholomew was experimenting in his garden on how to grow the highest yield of veggies out of the smallest amount of space available. He created the Square Foot Gardening concept which is now widely used as one of the absolute best ways to garden. The trick is in the soil. When it has the right organic matter added to […]

Best Plants for Square Foot Gardening

Square foot gardening is an efficient method of growing vegetables and herbs in small, organized spaces. So-called “square foot gardens” are raised beds divided with 1“x1” wood into individual sections that are, you guessed it, a square foot each. So what’s wrong with row gardening? Mel Bartholomew, the creator of the Square Foot Gardening Method, says it’s all wrong: “After […]