10 Great Items For Your Little Gardener

One of the great things you can do for teaching your kiddo a healthier lifestyle is gardening. With all the GMO produce, homegrown – organic items make a huge difference for your diet. Have fun with this AND make it a learning experience while you spend time with your little gardener. The Ultimate Step-by-Step Kids’ First Gardening Book This exciting […]

Great Garden Projects for Kids and Parents

Indoors or out, growing plants, designing gardens, making models, and sprouting seeds are educational and fun for kids. Edible gardening is tasty too. Check out our list of great Garden Projects for Kids. Encouraging kids to grow things is a fantastic activity that is good for their overall development. Gardening is good exercise, and activities such as choosing plants, counting […]

Gardening with Toddlers: Introducing Children to Gardening

Children can learn how to plant a garden even at the young age of two. Parents can do this easily by doing age-appropriate activities. Introducing children, as young as two years old, how to garden is an important life skill. Not only does gardening teach children how plants grow, but also how to become self-sufficient later in life. It is […]

Garden Activities for Children

Children are the beset gardeners! Their natural love of everything makes them not only great helpers, but they stuggle to assert their own independence. If you know the right garden activities for children, they can do all of that while learning too. It really is a win-win! Indoors or out, growing plants, designing gardens, making models, and sprouting seeds are […]

Dianne Venetta Wild Tales and Garden Thrills Books

The food pyramid is one of the first introductions to the importance of food, but often that 2D triangle doesn’t get too many kids excited. It’s essential now more than ever to get kids at an early age involved in what they’re eating. Toddlers and younger children benefit from helping prepare meals and talking about the different food groups. But, […]

How To Get Kids Involved In Gardening

If you have decided to feed your family by building your own garden, here are some great tips for How To Get Kids Involved In Gardening. This is not only a great way for your kids to help out around the house, but it is an excellent tool for teaching them. Gardening teaches all about plant life, but also helps […]