Gardening Tips for Cucamelons That Really Work

Have you ever heard of cucamelon? While these delicious fruits aren’t very widely known, they’re gaining popularity as a part of home gardens. Why? Among other things, they’re resilient and easy to grow. Looking for something fun and new to add to your garden? Here are a few things you should know about cucamelons. Cucamelons are a fun and interesting […]

The Best Fruits That Grow Well in Pots

If you are looking to have more fresh, organic fruit at home, growing it yourself is the perfect way to accomplish that. You don’t need a big vineyard just to grow fruit in your own backyard. There are some fruits that grow in pots, both outside and inside your home. I know I have talked about container gardens before, and […]

Gardening Tips for Watermelon that Actually Work!

Gardening Tips for Watermelon? Having fresh garden-grown melons in the Summer is a sure way to splash a cool wave on hot days. I can remember being in a group of kids in the old neighborhood, lined up, and having a seed-spitting contest. There were no prized involved, but it was to see who was the reigning champion of the […]

Gardening Tips for Cantaloupe That Actually Work!

Cantaloupe, also called sugar melon or muskmelon, are climbing vines that do well in hot, wet weather. They do not have to be staked, as they will move along the ground, but for best results, fruit should not touch the soil, as it encourages sogginess and rot, just like with tomatoes. The cantaloupe is a juicy, orange summer fruit that’s […]

How to Garden For Food Storage

A summer garden can last all winter long, but gardening for food storage requires pre-planning. To make a summer garden last all winter long, plant a small variety of plants in large quantities. Planting small amounts of anything is not worth the preservation process, and will not be enough to last all winter long. Consider green beans, root crops, tomatoes, […]