How to Compost Kitchen Waste for Your Yard and Garden

Hesitant to start composting because you fear it will be a smelly, messy inconvenience? Read on. A compost bin can reduce your garbage bill and enrich your garden! The answer is all about the way to compost kitchen waste! The secret is to do it right, and it’s not complicated. Here are some tips that will help you become an […]

Garden Bed Preparation for Easier Spring Planting

Garden Bed Preparation? Garden beds must be prepared before spring planting begins unless the soil is fertile with nutrients and has good drainage. Most gardens need some preparation at the beginning of the planting season. The goal is to have loose soil so plant roots can push through easily. Digging and mixing in organic matter helps keep the soil loose, […]

How to Make Effective Garden Compost

A short guide on preparing and using nutritious compost in your garden, whether you’re planting ornamentals or edibles. If you know how to make compost fertilizer, you can rock out gardening! Whether you live in a lush growing environment or a dry, hot climate composting serves as an excellent way to provide nourishment to your plants. Garden compost comprises of […]

Benefits of Composting: A Gardener’s Black Gold

It is a fair question to ask: What are the benefits of composting? Gardeners around the world feed their garden with compost, which is a special potion called ‘Black Gold’ by those familiar with it. They give this concoction a name that is most commonly attributed to crude oil because to a gardener; it is just as precious. The material […]

The Basic Composting Process

If you have been thinking about composting for awhile but don’t know where to start I have put together some basic do’s and dont’s for you.  Before you even make it outdoors to your large compost pile it begins in your home.  Not only will you reduce your household waste ( not to mention save on  garbage bags), you will […]