Fruit Gardening by Growing Fruit Trees

One thing I wanted to do after we moved into the new house was to plant a few fruit trees. I loved picking cherries at my Mom’s and making sour cherry jam, getting apples from my backyard and making everything from my Instant Pot apple pepper jelly, to canned apple pie filling. My Great Aunt Fern made perfect pear butter, so I […]

Tips and Best Plants for Square Foot Gardening

Mel Bartholomew was experimenting in his garden on how to grow the highest yield of veggies out of the smallest amount of space available. He created the Square Foot Gardening concept which is now widely used as one of the absolute best ways to garden. The trick is in the soil. When it has the right organic matter added to […]

Tips for Attracting Hummingbirds and Butterflies

Watching butterflies and hummingbirds fly around your garden is very relaxing and they are quite fun to watch. But how do you get them to come to your garden and stay around for a bit? If you wonder how to make a butterfly garden or how to make a hummingbird garden, you are not alone. Check out these easy tips […]

Save Money With Our Frugal Landscaping Ideas

Landscaping is one thing that makes a home look more beautiful, inviting and gives you fantastic curb appeal. If you have done any sort of landscaping projects, you know first hand it’s not cheap. With the warm weather now here to stay, I know many of you are probably getting started on the spring landscape projects. I’ve got some easy […]

How To Get Kids Involved In Gardening

If you have decided to feed your family by building your own garden, here are some great tips for How To Get Kids Involved In Gardening. This is not only a great way for your kids to help out around the house, but it is an excellent tool for teaching them. Gardening teaches all about plant life, but also helps […]

Choosing Fruit Trees For The Backyard

This is something that is very important to our family as Miss Sarah is allergic to fresh fruits and vegetables. We like to grow our own, so they’re basically organic, and then I can and preserve them so our daughter can actually enjoy them. Choosing Fruit Trees For The Backyard You will see great deals on trees and have a […]

What To Plant In Your Summer Garden

There are so many advantages to planting a summer garden, and without a doubt, making your own food and picking it fresh is the best! Nothing beats fresh produce from a summer garden. Of course, the kids will love it too. Gardening is a great way to get the family together and move towards a healthier life. Like with any […]

Growing Beans – The Basics

One favorite vegetable for gardeners is the bean. Beans are relatively easy to grow and need very little maintenance to obtain an abundant crop. Planting a variety of beans in your garden will ensure that you have fresh beans on your table during harvest, and quite possibly enough frozen to last you throughout the winter. Here are some tips for […]

5 Important Bonsai Tools for Bonsai Growers

Those interested in growing bonsai plants need proper tools for trimming and pruning the bonsai plants to give them that unique look. Purchasing a lot of tools for bonsai trimming is not necessary for those that are just beginning. It may be a project that you may quickly decide is not right for you. Once you learn the skill of […]

For Early Tomatoes, Try These Tomato Growing Tips

The gardening bug seems to bite us earlier and earlier every spring. Sinking our teeth into homegrown tomatoes is one of the best parts of having a backyard garden! There are a few tricks to produce early tomatoes, and some are really quite simple! In most areas, tomatoes are planted about two weeks after the last frost into the garden, […]