How to Build A Cheap DIY Raised Garden Bed

Building a raised bed in the garden allows a garden to overcome several problems. Raised beds may help address poor soil and damp spots. A Cheap DIY Raised Garden Bed can be a great way for the beginner gardener to get started too! There are many reasons a gardener may wish to create a raised bed, the construction is often […]

Growing Seedlings: Garden Plants From Seed

Many types of vegetables, herbs, and flowers are elementary to grow from seed. You can save money and find a wider variety to choose from when you start your own growing seedlings plants instead of purchasing them at the store. Growing Garden Plants From Seed Why Grow Plants From Seed? The approach of the growing season presents all gardeners with […]

How to Plant Broccoli: a Guide for New Gardeners

In this simple guide for novice gardeners, learn the best way to grow broccoli, from sowing the seeds to harvesting the final crop. Once you know How to Plant Broccoli, you won’t want store bought! Broccoli is now regarded as one of the so-called “superfoods” packed with vitamins and minerals that are essential as part of a healthy diet. Although […]

Garden Bed Preparation for Easier Spring Planting

Garden Bed Preparation? Garden beds must be prepared before spring planting begins unless the soil is fertile with nutrients and has good drainage. Most gardens need some preparation at the beginning of the planting season. The goal is to have loose soil so plant roots can push through easily. Digging and mixing in organic matter helps keep the soil loose, […]

7 Reasons To Garden Organically

7 Reasons To Garden Organically? Seven is a lucky number when you consider these reasons to switch to organic gardening methods. Perhaps you’ve thought about switching to a natural gardening product after your last spraying session left you with a nasty tickle in your throat. Subject the chemicals in your garden shed to scrutiny, and you may be ready to […]

How to Start a Vegetable Garden From Scratch

Learn how to start building your garden step by step. This article details how to decide on the location of the garden and soil preparation so you can know How to Start a Vegetable Garden From Scratch. Because of the dire economy of late, many people are starting vegetable gardens to supplement their food budget. This isn’t a new idea. […]